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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Travel to Regina

Now normally when one travels from Saskatoon to Regina down highway #11 it takes perhaps 2-1/2 hours. Not me. I decide to do a little sightseeing along the way. I head east down highway #5.

Passing near the settlement of Mount Carmel i noticed cloud rotation and a descending funnel starting to form, so i gave chase. I headed north through the settlement but couldn't get closer than about 2 kilometers as the event was towards the east with no roads in that direction near me. The funnel never fully formed and did not touch down. I can see why stormchasers often have a navigator with them to read topo maps.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC in Mount Carmel, Saskatchewan

Watson, Saskatchewan lays claim to being
the "Home of the Original Santa Claus Day". Ho-Ho-Ho!

Along the highway i came across the "St. Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Church." The church doesn't appear to be used that frequently and a sign refers visitors to an individual in Yorkton. What i found unusual was the barbed wire around the property: was that to keep people out or to keep people in?

In Veregin i visited the Doukhobor museum, including the Veregin residence with a prayer-house on the first floor. This museum also incorporates a museum dedicated to Leo Nicholaivitch Tolstoi, the great Russian novelist, social reformer and benefactor of the Doukhobors.

And finally for the cheesy picture of the day, on the road to Yorkton i came across the "World's Largest Whitetail Deer Antlers" with a scoring of 1158-1/2! I wonder if Boone and Crockett knows about this trophy?