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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Regina, Reggie, Riders

Having overnighted in Regina, i decided to look around the city and its environs as Reggie Newkirk, whom i would be visiting, would not be home until after supper.

The RCMP Museum and a tour of the training facilities was first on my agenda. The
RCMP Museum is well worth seeing if you are in the Regina area. Although not necessarily complete as it seems to present an apologetic history, nevertheless with that provisio it was quite informative. After the museum i went on an escorted tour, which consisted solely of a visit to the RCMP Chapel. There was some misunderstanding between our group of about 20 and the two tour guides as to what we were to see. We were lead to believe the tour included some of the training facilities, but after being abruptly dropped off back at the museum, upon checking with the guides it was clarified that the training facilities were off limits since 9/11. I cannot imagine what would be so sensitive about such a tour; i guess al-Qaeda has impacted tourism in Saskatchewan

RCMP Chapel

After the museum i headed south out of town and came across the Baseline Surface Radiation Network station, and looked around the site.

Baseline Surface Radiation Network, Regina Station


Late in the day i visited the MacKenzie Art Gallery. One of the paintings i experienced was Frozen Mist by Otto Donald Rogers, who is well-known as a prairie artist and to Canadian Baha'is. At day's end i was welcomed into the home of Reggie and Cindi Newkirk.

On Saturday Reggie and i went to the Riders - BC Lions game at Taylors Field. While the Riders defense was on most of the game, their offense was not... In the last ten minutes the Riders gave up 2 touchdowns to Lions for a BC 19 - 15 win. Game details here!

That night i treated Reggie to some observing time on my telescope. We found a quiet, relatively dark spot right beside St. Michael's Reteat House run by the Franciscans, and spent two hours under the celestial sky.

Clockwise from the left: Cindi Newkirk,
Lianne Wolf Ear, Reggie Newkirk