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Monday, August 29, 2005

Home again!

On Sunday i left Reggie's and Cindi's for home. Rather than taking the Yellowhead all the way from Saskatoon, i took a road less traveled passing through Asquith, Biggar, Wilkie, Unity, Wainwright and so on to Edmonton.

In Biggar... no doubt you have heard all about it, but here it is... is Biggar's famous townsign:

Biggar townsign

The next morning i left around 9:00 AM and drove straight to Yellowknife arriving before midnight... Enough said... what a drive, but i wanted to get home before my next trip on Wednesday to Inuvik... Zzzzzzz...

60th Parallel

All in alll, it was a good summer holiday even if cheesy at times. I saw old friends and new, laid under the nightsky, remembered times past and dreamed of future times...


And that is the end of this blog...

- 30 -