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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sunshine Coast

This early Thursday morning i look back on my few days spent on the Sunshine Coast visiting old friends. Carol and David Bowie were the first couple i visited in their secluded down-to-earth home in Halfmoon Bay. I have known the Bowies since i was a wee lad in Ingleside, Ontario where they briefly lived, and we have remained good friends over the years.

David and Carol, outside of her studio

The next couple i stayed with was Don and Nedra Greenaway, whom i have also known for some 30 years when they lived in Iqaluit (then Frobisher Bay), where Lynn and i looked after their children and home for a month while they went on Baha'i pilgrimage. They are now retired to the Sunshine Coast.

Nedra and Don, embracing and embraced by the trees
Last night several friends went out on the Roberts Creek pier to observe the night sky. We observed Jupiter and its moons (extremely low on the horizon), the overhead constellations, M13 (a gobular cluster), the ET cluster (an open star cluster), Mizar and Alcor, Albireo (beta Cygni), the Andromeda galaxy (M31), Bode's Galaxy (M81), Cigar Galaxy (M82), the Ring Nebula (M57, the remnant shell of a supernova explosion), and good old Luna in its full phase (Tycho crater and the lunar limb).

Intrepid Sunshine Coast observers