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Sunday, August 21, 2005


I leave Creston Saturday morning for Calgary to visit Ravan and Sean. En route i cross the Rockies via Vermilion Pass in Kootenay National Park. After having travelled most of the Rocky Mountain passes Vermilion continues to be my favourite for scenery.

Upon arrival Ravan, Sean and i go out to a Japanese resturant for supper -- its sushi for me! Later i meet up with an old friend Pei-Zhong and we attend the Baha'i Feast of Names in the northwest sector of Calgary (Calgary's 600-member Baha'i community is administratively divided into several sectors), and Sean and Ravan attended his brother's 33rd birthday party. At the Feast we meet two old friends of mine, Navid and Susan Nafisiyazdi, who invite us back to their home for refreshments. As Navid and Susan lived in Kazan, Russia as Baha'i pioneers in the early 1990's, we had much to share. It has been years since i have seen any of these folks; what a delightful evening.

Susan, Navid and Pei-Zhong

Kicking around on Sunday, Sean, Ravan and i go to Calgary's Heritage Park for the afternoon. Later Ravan made an excellent supper of delicious stuffed red peppers (ask her for her recipe) followed by a quiet evening of visiting. I also got to briefly meet Jerry Skinner, Sean's father -- too bad his visit could not have been longer.

Here are some pictures taken from Heritage Park: