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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hanging with Sean & Ravan

A fairly quiet day in Edmonton -- quieter than yesterday's football game -- with Sean and Ravan before their return home to Calgary. We strolled Whyte Avenue's odd collection of interesting shops. I purchased Stink by McKenna Mendelson Mainline (remember them from the late 1960's?), and an old Turok, Son of Stone comic (#63, October 1968, "A shallow swamp is one thing, deep water is another. Water honkers could be lurking--"). The others faired better.

Sean, Ravan and Lynn are pictured here
at the Telus World of Science (the old Edmonton Space Science centre , then Odyssium).

The local RASC centre provides volunteers and equipment for the observatory just south of the main building. In the afternoons the sun is observed using special solar observing equipment (WARNING: Never look directly at the Sun without proper safety equipment).